Sharing Letters of Joy and Success

A letter from Kent Corbell to Travis about a year or so into The Experiment:

Hi Trav,

I acknowledge I'm late in delivering this to you. When I met you, I would have ignored being late or made myself bad and wrong about it. Now I know it's simply a matter of my word, my integrity.

I know now what integrity really is - it is my power to create what I want and to be who I choose. I get to manage, restore, and exercise that power because of who you are.

To me, you are a champion for people's greatness. You are a loving, compassionate and strong guide, holding space for people to find their path and claim their divinity. You are health. You are integrity. You are the dude.

I'm married to my perfect partner because of your coaching. I get to coach and mentor extraordinary leaders because of your love. I have peace, grace, ambition, and confidence because of your listening.

I don't know where my life will take me. I don't know what I'll accomplish. I don't know what wealth I'll experience and share. I don't know who I'll impact and influence.

I do know that I am extraordinary. I do know that I am responsible for my world. I do know I'm here to serve my world and be large. And I know that I'm up to the challenge of the life I get to create.

I know all of this because you've helped me see it thru the Thank You Experiment. You've helped me know myself as great. And you've helped me know grace.

Thanks for who you are for me.

I love you,

-Kent Corbell

Letter from Anthony Bronzo:

Hey Trav,

Here are two things I want to tell you. First off, I was a little taken aback when you asked me yesterday if I'm getting value out of my coaching and The Thank You Experiment. I want you to know that you're guidance to me has affected me in a way that nothing else ever has. Your insights are so solid, so filled with truth, it's almost palatable. I'm serious, it's like I can now taste when something is truthful. Despite any sort of personal doubts I've had, I feel a monster, a giant inside me, and each day that goes by I beat down the flood gates a little more. A stream is starting to make it to the other side and as I continue to seek wisdom and find present beauty, I am certain that this wall will go down. I believe my destiny is to affect this entire world in a large way, I've always had that spoken to me. Your subtle thoughts and simple messages are helping me realize my power to do that. Your waking me up to life and all its abundant gifts. What a thought to realize that everything in every way is a shiny wrapped gift from god. Everything, no exceptions. Now that is truth. So yes, I am getting value out of coaching, The TYE with you and I'm not the only one, it's residual value that shows up and compounds everyday for more and more people. So don't ever ask me that again! Just kidding, just want you to know I love you.

Second, have you read The Alchemist? Finished it last night. Amazing. It's the new bible as far as I'm concerned.

-Anthony Bronzo

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(times 100+ lines in original email! Endless effect:-)

Letter from Gail White:

Dear T,

Your coaching has been one of the key factors in completely transforming my life. Through your insights and gentle direction, my self-defeating thought patterns and behaviors were revealed to me, and you guided me to better ways of thinking and being. These changes have manifested in my life as, improved family relationships, tremendous business success and pursuing a deeply satisfying life purpose. I urge anyone interested in raising the volume of their life to have just one session with you to experience the "T-Effect" -- It's pretty powerful stuff!

Thank You 100+,
Gail, Investor and Business Owner

Letter from Chris Bronzo:

Out of all the people I've met so far in my journey, Travis has been by far one of the most influential and uplifting individuals I've ever come across. Its rare to find someone who is so passionate and committed to helping others discover the secrets to a truly fulfilling life experience. Over the last year, while working with Travis using many of his methods and The Thank You Experiment in particular, I've gained radical clarity, I've learned to observe and take effective control of my emotions, I've strengthened my decision making abilities, and I've seen exponential growth physically, mentally, and spiritually. As a musician, and as a self proclaimed "creative person," I've learned to tap into a higher inner creativity that is limitless with possibility and constantly available. As far as I am concerned everyone needs a coach, everyone needs guidance, and Travis has been there to help guide, coach, and challenge me every step of the way. At 21 years old, I've achieved many goals and have acquired much wisdom and understanding, and there's no doubt that Travis has played a major role in my development, for which I'm forever grateful. What a huge difference less than one year can make in the realms of dreams coming true! Thanks again to Travis and The Thank You Experiment.

-Chris Bronzo, CEO D & D, INC.

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